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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Personal Brand Identity Consulting Endorsements

Marybeth Henry, Financial Advisor

Simplexity is complexity, made simple. It's how David Calloway illuminated the subtle things that differentiate my personal brand in the marketplace. I highly recommend David for any organization or individual wanting help to identify the strengths and values at the heart of their value in the market, then to convey all that in a succinct mission statement.

Rich Holland, Human Resources Consultant

David, I want to thank you for helping me streamline my Bio Tech client proposal. Your assessment helped me clarify the problem, identify the key points, and emerge from a ton of detail with just the parts that supported my case. My client responded very favorably to the proposal, and the presentation I built around it. You helped me achieve a positive result, and I appreciate it.

Wireless performance anywhere, transmitting everywhere

The performers act, sing, and dance, as they would anyway. They also wear tiny wireless microphones, cameras, and lights, with the whole audience experience being an extension of what the performers perceive and reveal in their interactions.

Because it's all worn, wireless, and mobile, the whole world truly becomes their stage. They can take their performance anywhere. The cameras could be recording for a subequent video, or linked to a displays in the performance itself, whether mounted on a stage, on a large wall, or on the side of the van they arrived in.

Imagine this as street performance, beyond theatre. Political commentary that goes to the people, wherever they are. Or choreographed to interact with a pristine forest. After the performance, leaving not a trace. Performing anywhere, transmitting everywhere.

This vision was inspired by a performance by Lisa Kraus of the Swarthmore College dance faculty. Please add your inspirations and comments!