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Monday, December 11, 2006

Convert your email to audio, scan and bleep it on the go

It's easy to scan thru a lot of voice mails while on the go, deleting many. Wouldn't it be nice to do that with emails?

So here's the idea:
Create a program that does these things:
1. Converts selected parts of email messages to audio, saves these as mp3s, loads them into a song list, and downloads that to the music player.

2. You listen to them, and sort them as you would voice mail messages. The program tags each to keep, delete, forward, reply, or follow-uplater.

3. When next sync'd up, the messages are converted back to text, and the actions you took on the audio messages are replicated on the matching emails. The replies and forwards can be sent as either audio, or converted to text.

This all seems possible, although step 2 may restrict it to Blackberry phones and other programmable phones, since it probably exceeds the intelligence of a music player. And the programming would have to be on both the PC and the mobile device, and maybe also the email program.