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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All Is Connected

You’ve probably seen this shape: It's a circle, with a bunch of evenly-spaced dots drawn on it, and lines drawn that connect every possible pair of dots. It's often drawn with lots of points, then the lines filled in to create a fine mesh of connections, to show how complex the relationships can get between multiple things.

Now that you have that shape in mind, consider it representing this:
In the real world, all phenomena are connected.
If a technological race such as ours is to have a sustainable presence (read: long-term survival) in this world, we are responsible for understanding how everything we do impacts everything else, and all the relationships.
While the challenge may seem impossibly complex, the responsibility to take it on is no less ours.
We have the sensing technology to monitor, reveal, and measure the influences and outcomes, and the analytical tools to identify and assess the impacts, and locate the causes.
We must accept the responsibility to understand and act on what we learn.

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At June 20, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Blogger cjfsyntropy said...

In addition to everything being connected, everything is technology. At least that's what I suggest in my essay on Society and Our Technology Built World. As you say, responsibility is so important. But so is "mistake mystique" and daring to make mistakes and, importantly, to learn from them!


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