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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hemp, the Fabric of Freedom

Our nation's Founding Fathers wore fabric made of cotton because they could afford it, and because many of them had enslaved the people who planted, picked, and processed it. In this land, cotton as a crop was possible only through the enslavement of others. Today, it is possible only through a constant and unsustainable battle against Nature.

By contrast, our Founding Fighters-- the farmers, bakers, wheelwrights, and carpenters who fought and died to free our nation from tyranny-- wore hemp. Hemp that withstood the wear and tear, the mud and blood and sweat that planted the seeds and nourished the roots of our freedom. Hemp that was chosen by Betsy Ross to create the first Stars and Stripes. Hemp that had grown like a weed across much this continent, before an environmentally insane and economically-motivated campaign after World War Two eradicated it.

Hemp is not a drug. It is an amazingly hardy and useful plant that grows easily, without irrigation, pesticides, and fertilizer, just about anywhere. Unlike cotton. Cotton can do none of those things. Our economy and our environment need help now. They need hemp now.

Cotton is rooted in Slavery. Hemp is rooted in Freedom.

Choose Hemp.

As soon as I find out what organization is spear-heading this movement, I'll post it here.


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