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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sensor Suit, with Mouthpad accessory

As I slowly shift my body in yoga class, I visualize the tight and pained spots I need to lean into and visualize dissolving. In my mind's eye, these areas appear, as though in an infrared scanner, in hotter colors. I then imagine them melting into coolness, to be drained away by my breath directed to the area.

Quite suddenly, the vision shifts to me wearing a garment that fits like a wetsuit, embedded with sensors that "read" the bio indicators, and feed the stream of info into a 3-D visor I’m wearing. Attached to the visor by a tiny, thin wire is a “mouthpad”, a tiny, flat touch pad stuck, like a glob of peanut butter, just inside of and above my upper front teeth. I use this like a touchpad, controlling the interface with the tip of my tongue.

Some possibilities:

  • The sensor suit could be used in rehab after neural and muscular damage, to help re-acquaint the mind with the body, so it can go about establishing and extending new channels of communication.
  • The mouthpad could be used by quadriplegics as a control device. The tongue is more sensitive and less fatigued when it stays inside the mouth, where it belongs.
  • Longer term, both would have all kinds of applications in the mass market. Me, for example-- an average aging person enhancing my body awareness, allowing me to get the most out of exercise, and minimizing the possibility of injury by accentuating cautionary feedback. A swimmer could control a remote-control robotic device in the water, or even (heaven forbid) take and respond to text messages while swimming laps.

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