Progressive Place

Monday, November 22, 2004

Non-Alpha Liberation! Uh, if it's okay with you...?

A Type A world is an unbalanced world!
Free the world of domination by the Dominants!
Non-Alphas unite!

Oh, come on, guys! Please?
No, don't say that. They will not get mad! So what if they do?
Well, maybe you have a point. Okay, maybe later.

Will you get back to me? For sure?
Okay, thanks. Bye.
Whew! That was close!
I don't know, did I do the right thing?

The Global Fundamentalist Apocalyptic Conspiracy

In a sense, the current era remains part of the European Renaissance, a.k.a. The Age of Enlightenment. Now everything enlightened seems to be under attack everywhere, casting shadows of a comng Dark Age.

It's certainly taking hold of Islam and Christianity, and Right-wing Orthodoxy in Judaism.
Again these three clash at the flashpoint of history, Jerusalem.
Flinty eyes hard with hatred strike stone of threadbare earth,
shooting heartless sparks to enflame old injuries.
Hot mindless winds of passion toss aside civility, and trade,
and tolerance, and compassion, and love.

Are we to stand silently by and let our world be sucked into another firestorm?